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SET consisting of:

Toicube plastic model + brush holder with decorative stripes in black.

The "Toicube" is a combined toilet paper holder that can hold both dry and wet wipes. An automatic, sensor-controlled cover for the moist toilet paper ensures a non-contact and therefore particularly hygienic removal of the wet wipes. To trigger the opening mechanism, you have to guide your hand only a few inches in front of the decorative strip of Toicubes, the IR sensor detects your movement and the opening of the box for the wet wipes is triggered. In addition, the colored decorative strips on the front side are briefly backlit by LEDs with each actuation. The wet wipes are additionally protected against drying out, as the box automatically closes after each actuation. All common wet wipe formats can be used in the holder.

Brush holder in matching look to your toilet paper holder!
White plastic case with black trim.

Optionally suitable for installation on the floor or for wall mounting. Mounting material included.

Replaceable brush head.

Material brush holder / brush: plastic, color RAL9016 (traffic white), handle polished stainless steel
W x D x H = 10 x 10 x 11cm
Weight: ~ 0.2kg

Material Toicube: plastic (ABS), color RAL9016 (traffic white
Cover closed, without paper roll: W x D x H = 15.5x15x19cm
Lid open, paper roll inserted: W x D x H = 15.5x15x35cm
Weight: ~ 0.6 kg


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